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Coach Vinny's Pre-game Pep Talk


Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday.

In honor of the Falcons, I’m gonna smoke some ‘Boston’ Butt, and enjoy the game from the comfort of my own home.

But if I were in Houston, in the Falcons’ locker room before the game, here’s what I’d tell them:


Good Afternoon, Gentlemen. I’m Dr Vince. From the looks of me, you might not think I know much about football. But let me tell you, I’ve spent eight years on a football field, in well over 100 contests.

Sure, that was marching in the Marching Band [rimshot]

but I learned a lot about Performance…and in my 20 years as a Chiropractor I’ve learned a lot about how your Mind and Body work together for your Best Performance.

You have a good chance of winning today, because it’s the Year of the Upset: the Cubs won the World Series. Trump won the Electoral College. Clemson beat Alabama.

You’re next.

New England has a good chance of winning today, too. They’ve won before (lots of times). #BostonStrong. Dynasty.

But all that goodwill is counteracted by “Deflate-gate” and all the Hate.

You have the best Offense…they have the best Defense.

You have this year’s MVP…they have a three-time Super Bowl MVP.

You have a new stadium coming…they’re favored by three points.

But you know what? None of that matters.

You’ve dreamed about this day…heck we’ve all dreamed about this day since 1999, Amen?

Your whole focus of this season was to get here. Now you’re here.

Hear me now and listen to me later:  you will ruin your chances of winning today if you keep thinking about winning today.

The team that wins today will be the team that does the best at this one thing:

Paying Attention.

Pay attention to what’s happening Now.

Like a Soldier at Attention, your Mind and Body should be still, alert, ready.

Relax. You don’t HAVE TO win this game. You WILL win this game.

Forget about the last play. Forget about the next play. Let the coaches think about that stuff.

You focus on THIS play. THIS assignment. THIS breath.

And the rest will take care of itself.


Falcons CAN win :-)

Falcons CAN win :-)


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