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The Truth About Insurance

It used to be, you’d visit a doctor, wave your insurance card and the bill was taken care of. Times have changed.

Sick Care

Let us explain the truth about Insurance!

Your policy won’t pay for things that actually advance or preserve your health, such as wellness chiropractic care.

The truth is, so-called “health” care is actually “sick” care. It has little to do with promoting health. It’s mostly about reducing symptoms with drugs or surgically removing body parts when they fail.

Most policies help cover some sick care costs. But, will they pay for bottled water, nutritional supplements, gym memberships, jogging shoes and other wellness activities?

Probably not.

Repeated Relapses

Most policies will help pay for chiropractic care when you have obvious symptoms. Benefits run out when you’re feeling better, but before muscles and ligaments fully heal.

This invites a relapse of your original problem. Lasting healing occurs after symptoms clear up.

Helpful infomration about Insurance

Discontinuing your care too soon invites a relapse of your original problem.

If you rely on your carrier, you’re likely to suffer a roller coaster series of relapses without correcting the underlying problem!

Catastrophic Problems!

That’s because your policy was probably designed for catastrophic problems. Cancer. Triple by-pass surgery. That sort of thing. Reimbursing for chiropractic care when you don’t have any obvious symptoms is a new idea for them.

And…it may be a new idea for you too.

That’s okay. There was a time when regular brushing and flossing to promote healthy teeth and gums was a new idea!

The Solution

Will you count on the limited vision and profit motives of your carrier to dictate what you do or how far you’ll take your chiropractic care?

Or will you value your health and longevity enough to pay for the care needed to strengthen, stabilize and support your spine and nervous system?

It’s your body, your health and your future.

Whatever your decision, we’ll honor it and do what we can to help you achieve your health goals.

Regardless of the care you choose, you are entitled to a Good Faith Estimate of the cost of your care…and we’ll be happy to provide that for you beforehand.

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