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How we Help you get Healthy Again

Our main approach to helping you and your family get healthy again is to “detect and correct” nerve interference (subluxation) in your spinal column.

We have several adjusting techniques to help us analyze, adjust and balance your spine. We tailor our approach to fit your needs, desires, body type, etc. Our techniques fall into two BASIC categories:

  • traditional, hands-on adjusting – firm or light-touch
  • modern, instrument adjusting – low or no-force

We also use hands-on and/or instrument adjusting for EXPANDED care:

  • Upper Extremity: Shoulder/elbow/wrist/ ‘carpal tunnel’
  • Lower Extremity: Hip/knee/ankle/orthotics/ ‘plantar fascitis’
  • Cranial/Skull adjusting – helps relieve stress patterns and tension on the brain and spinal cord
  • TMJ/teeth grinding
  • Reflux/hiatal hernia
  • Improving Posture/Balance

Other Health-supporting services:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Nutrition Counseling/Supplements/Ayurvedic
  • Essential Oils
  • Health Coaching

What’s that tap-tap-tapping sound?

ArthroStim® chiropractic technique

The ArthroStim uses gentle tapping, feels good, and gives you a great adjustment.

Our adjusting instrument is called the ArthroStim®. It looks like a drill, sounds like a very quiet “baby jackhammer”, but gives a great adjustment.

The ArthroStim® has adjustable force, so we can use it on a newborn baby or a Beefy bull Rider. We use it on sensitive areas as well, like the skull, ribs or tailbone…or even adjust you standing up.

The ArthroStim® Instrument produces 12 thrusts per second. This frequency saturates the target area with specific energy/forces. The energy continues to ripple through the joint to surrounding tissues. This releases secondary trigger points and muscle spasms, providing the relief and corrections that we want.

Patients typically notice a positive difference with the first adjustment.

This light-force instrument can be a good way to introduce your friends to chiropractic…who may not be comfortable with the idea of traditional adjusting by hand and hearing all the “cracking noises”.

The only noise you’ll hear is the soft tapping…and the patient saying, “Ahhhhhhh…….”

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