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Madison Chiropractor : Dr. Vince Campbell

How I Discovered Chiropractic

I thought I was going to die!

Dr Vince, Grace and Ruth at Hilton Head

Dr. Vince, Grace and Ruth at Hilton Head

The night before Thanksgiving, in 1979, I got a stomach virus. I was puking my guts out, but never got better. A week later we found out I actually had pneumonia!  I had to stay in DeKalb General hospital for ten days. Lots of my band friends came to visit while I was there, having my lungs beat on by the respiratory therapist. I found out later, some of them actually thought I was going to die (and at times, I felt like I was too).

Good news is, I recovered, and got back to school right before Christmas.  But shortly after that, my breathing went steadily downhill. By the time I finished my freshman year at Georgia Tech, I was using an inhaler three times a day and had terrible allergies.

After I graduated, a friend of ours started going to a chiropractor for his asthma (he’d been adjusted for his asthma as a child). I didn’t know
how it could help me (what does ‘cracking your back’ have to do with your lungs?) and no one in our family had ever been to a chiropractor before.
But I needed desperately to get healthy again, so I decided to give chiropractic a try.

When the chiropractor explained to me how my nervous system controlled my whole body, and that misalignment/irritation to the nerves (especially the nerves that went to my lungs) could be making my body malfunction, I thought: ‘Wow! Why hadn’t I heard about this before?’ I knew I was in the right place. At that very moment, I remember thinking:

  • I want to have my spine checked as long as I live
  • I want to be a chiropractor

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Since I had just graduated from Tech, I didn’t think seriously about going to chiropractic school yet…I thought I had to be an engineer first. So I went to work at a shipyard in Jacksonville, FL for a few years, then moved back to Stone Mountain and worked for Scientific-Atlanta.

But the whole time I was still getting adjusted, pestering my chiropractors with question after question, and reading everything I could about natural health and healing.
One day my chiropractor said, “You should go to Career Day at Life College…I think you’d be a good chiropractor.” I mentioned it (half-joking) to my wife on the way to dinner that night, and she said, “Well, why don’t you?”

I couldn’t really think of a good reason…and eleven months later, I was sitting in my first class at Life College.

Dr. Vince Campbell, Madison Chiropractor

Dr. Vince helps Elliot nurse better by gently adjusting his TMJ and upper neck.


My Passion and Approach

I have a special place in my heart for people with asthma, allergies and high blood pressure…especially children.

Besides spinal adjustments, I also like to work on the ‘extremities’ (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, feet, TMJ) and the cranium/skull, to get your whole body working well again…to restore your ‘functional fitness’.

My approach to health and healing is to:

  • make sure your Care Plan matches your Health Goals
  • help you get the best results with the least effort
  • help you fully express and experience your Life
  • share my faith, hope and experience
  • lead by example

The Birth of Madison Family Chiropractors

In my first class, I met a little girl named Victoria…her mom, Elise, brought her to class with her. A few months later, I had Biochemistry lab with this lady, and found out she’d been a personal fitness trainer in New York before deciding to be a chiropractor. The circle of friends we both hung around with shared a passion for learning and sharing chiropractic—especially with families!
As we worked together and helped each other take care of our clinic patients, we realized:

  • we share the same philosophy and approach to chiropractic/healing
  • we work well together

So we decided to continue this working relationship beyond school, to focus our efforts together, rather than start new practices separately. We opened Madison Family Chiropractors in April 1996, right after my daughter, Grace, was born (she’s been my patient her whole life, too).

I met my wife, Ruth, while we were in the Band together at Tech. She’s a Chemical Engineer with Noramco (Johnson & Johnson) in Athens; Grace graduated from UGA (we’re a ‘house united’ )  with degrees in Psychology and Linguistics, and works as a professional Model.

We love living in Madison and being part of this community.

I hope to meet you soon. Thanks for letting us share our gifts with you!

Dr Vince

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P.S.  I’m also a Coach/Speaker, giving what some patients refer to as  “Attitude Adjustments”. I bring a unique Mind-Body approach to your personal and professional success. Contact me for more information about the Dr. Vince Power-Half-Hour.

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