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Introducing the Madison Family Chiropractors

Madison Chiropractor : Dr. Campbell

How I Discovered Chiropractic

In 11th grade, at Thanksgiving, I got what I thought was a stomach virus. A week later we found out I had pneumonia, and stayed in DeKalb General hospital for ten days. After that, my breathing went steadily downhill. By the time I finished my freshman year at Georgia Tech, I was using an inhaler three times a day and had terrible allergies.

After I graduated, a friend of ours started going to a chiropractor for his asthma (he’d been adjusted for his asthma as a child). I didn’t know how it could help me (what does ‘cracking your back’ have to do with your lungs?), and no one in our family had ever been to a chiropractor before. But at least I knew someone who had gotten help, so I decided to give chiropractic a try. Read more»

Madison Chiropractor : Dr. Faust

My Chiropractic Journey (So Far)

I began getting adjusted when I was 19 years old. As a dancer and personal fitness trainer, I knew it was tremendously important to take care of my body. Early on in my career, I realized that our bodies are innate healing organisms and needed to be respected as such.

I never actually thought about “becoming” a chiropractor until I was 25. One day I got to watch a friend of mine (who was a chiropractor) adjust a patient who was debilitated by a severe headache. I said to him, “It must be amazing to walk around with the power to help someone in just your two hands.” He replied, “You can go back to school and learn to do the same thing!” At that moment it was as if a light bulb had gone off in my head… Read more»

Madison Chiropractor : Dr. Ethridge

Discovering Chiropractic

I was in my Junior year at UGA, and I was a mess…physically and mentally. So, I started riding my mountain bike again, and got so inspired, that I started swimming and running, too, with a goal to finish my first Triathlon. I was on an emotional and physical high for about nine months…until I started getting injured.

I tried to push through the pain, but it got so bad that I could barely walk. A doctor told me I had something called “plantar fasciitis” (I couldn’t even pronounce it!). Then my lower back started killing me—it hurt so bad I couldn’t even swim! I was desperate. I tried every kind of stretching/therapy could get my hands on, but nothing helped. I felt hopeless.

But one day, a friend told me about a doctor who had helped him with his foot pain and back pain. I had already given up, but decided to give it one last try. Read more»

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