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Health on a Budget

Health on a Budget at Madison Family Chiropractors

Like losing anything, recovering your health will require an investment of your time and money.

We’re convinced that it’s less expensive to keep your health, than to try and recover your health.


You’ve heard the adage, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That’s why each of us in the office gets checked or adjusted on a regular basis. Even when we’re feeling great.

Early Detection

Uncovering pre-symptomatic vertebral subluxations is like detecting pre-symptomatic tooth decay. Regular chiropractic checkups save time and money by identifying little problems before they become more serious.


Beyond maintenance and prevention, wellness care helps us become all that we can be. This proactive approach to health produces the greatest benefits of all. Those who avail themselves of wellness care rarely get a cold, the flu or the “bugs that seem to be going around.”

Ask us how we make this type of care affordable for just about anyone.

Regardless of the care you choose, you are entitled to a Good Faith Estimate of the cost of your care…and we’ll be happy to provide that for you beforehand.

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