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Happy 90th Bday Paw Paw :-)

We went to celebrate my Dad’s 90th birthday last weekend
in Tennessee. I called my cousin about getting a cake, since she has
lots of family birthdays and knows the best place to get one. I asked
her to put something like “Happy 90th Richard” or get
a 9 and 0 candle…

and she was like “huh?” and I said, yeah, since he’s turning 90…

And she said “I just told [my husband] David I thought he was turning 80!”

Like the sign says, he’s still kicking it at 90…definitely young at heart.

90 years goes by fast…seems like just yesterday that they moved
back up to TN…almost 20 years ago. And it still seems like just
yesterday that we opened our office…almost three decades ago!

The years go by fast, but if you’re present at each Moment,
at least you get them all  :-)

Saturday afternoon before the party, we were visiting at my
parents’ house (it’s the house my Mom grew up in, so Grace
goes to her grandparents at the same place I went to my
grandparents ) and noticed the pictures of my great-grandparents
hanging in the dining room.

My dad said, “Those were the four meanest people I ever knew…
but they were just doing the best they could with what they had…”

Aren’t we all.

Happy Birthday, Paw-Paw <3Dad 90

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