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This is your Brain on Inauguration


It was the Best of Times…  It was the Worst of Times…

At least that’s what it looked like on my Facebook feed the past few days :-)

Some folks are despondent; some are elated.

Some are stressed about the past eight years; some are stressed about the next eight.

Some are stressed because their kids couldn’t watch the Inauguration; some because they had to.

You may be de-friending people left and right–or being de-friended.  Even with the variety of opinions, the different responses, and the polar-opposite reactions, there’s one thing we all have in common:  our Caveman/Cavewoman brain, and how it responds to perceived threats.

Back in the day, it was real:  sabertooth tiger?  Run!     Stranger trying to steal your food?  Fight!

Good thing, too… we’ve survived as a species because we’re programmed to survive.  But now that we’ve grown, and become (more?) civilized, those threats aren’t as real as the used to be.  BUT…our nervous system still processes them the same way.  Thus all the fighting (at least squabbling) and ‘running’, marching, feeling the need to get out and do something.

But if we can’t run or fight…in ‘polite company’…what do we do with all that adrenaline?  We hold onto it.  We take our God-given Stress Response and turn it into Stress.

And that shows up in our Body as Headaches, Allergies/Asthma, Digestive problems, Sleep problems…even Arthritis, Heart Disease and Cancer… the so-called Diseases of Modern Civilization.

The best way to decrease the stress load on your body is to take the stress off the Brain/Nervous system…with a specific chiropractic adjustment.  You can also run it out and/or march it out…but I don’t recommend fighting it out with your neighbor (either in person or on Facebook).

Call us at 706-342-7115 to schedule your next appointment.  We can help you break that destructive stress cycle and get back into a constructive ‘upward’ spiral.


Dr Vince

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