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Two Lessons from Lady Gaga


The Great Falcons Depression is starting to subside…still lots of second-guessing… but it’s time to move on.

Same thing about the Half-Time show…not sure what the Falcons are gonna do about next year, but I’m pretty sure if we don’t debrief on the Half-Time show we all may be in big trouble.

The Boycott that Never was

Lots of folks got up in arms about Gaga’s half-time show—before it even happened.

Rumor and innuendo, was it gonna be “Political” or “Patriotic”? Was she gonna wear a burka? One popular meme: Dear NFL, If she trashes Trump, I’m gonna turn off the TV and never watch the NFL again. Signed, America.

Well, halftime came and went, and by all accounts it was entertaining and classy. Those who boycotted it (or those of us who had to fast-forward because we got started late :-) missed a great show.

The #1 Lesson I hope we learned from this: don’t pre-judge.

It’s way too stressful, and usually wrong. Just sayin’


Did Lady Gaga have ‘done-lops’ disease?

Speaking of ‘judging’, lots of folks wanted to weigh-in (no pun intended) on her belly hanging over her pants.


Remember the old Special K ‘pinch an inch’? I don’t think you could pinch a millimeter!

She’s firm, fit and flexible…what else can you ask for? I challenge anybody to do what she did (especially all the squats) and keep singing. Heck I challenge you to do it and keep standing.

It’s easy to pick out people’s mistakes, shortcomings and flaws. As Steve Martin sang “Criticize things you don’t know about…”  Especially in our culture of airbrushing and faulty body-image.

The #2 Lesson I hope we’ll learn is: look at each other with ‘Kind eyes’

Lesson 2.5:   it all starts with looking at YOURSELF with Kind Eyes.

Sometimes we get too focused on our own faults, because folks are eager to show them to us. Trouble is, we tend to magnify those faults—to the exclusion of our otherwise Perfection.

What if you started each day with gratitude for what you/others appreciate about you…and told others what you appreciate about them?

What if you looked for the Best in each person/situation?

I say let’s boycott pre-judging/prejudice and judging…and start being kind to ourselves and each other.


Dr V

PS if Falcons Depression or Half-Time Boycott stress has got you in knots, call us today 706-342-7115 and we’ll bring some kindness to your spine and help you unwind…

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