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Worst Day--or Best Day?

“This is not the way I had planned to spend this evening…”

ha…my wife said that while we were sitting in the parking lot near the gym with a flat tire.  It looked like she ran over the Golden Spike!

Me neither…I’d planned a light leftover supper, back on the Clean Eating Path…but we ended up at Waffle House.  Tummy not so happy this morning…

Got up early for Medicare Attestation…failed because we need [another] computer update

Which made me miss my haircut  #shaggy

Dr. Elise and I were planning to meet in the afternoon, but ran into each other because HER plans had changed too…another unexpected trip to Athens

When I’m tempted to get stressed about all the loose ends/open loops, I remember my favorite quote from the movie “Collateral” (spoken by Tom Cruise as Vincent  LoL )

“Still breathing? Now we got to make the best of it. Improvise. Adapt to the environment. Darwin. Stuff happens. I Ching, whatever man we got to ~roll~ with it!”

Sometimes you got to roll with it.

All this change may be coming to put you where you need to be–whether you realize it or not.

I call it a Cosmic Course Correction.

Getting kicked out of the Air Force put me on the path to be a Chiropractor.  I’ve known folks who say that losing their job, getting divorced– even having cancer–was the best thing that ever happened to them.


Sometimes it’s easier to see it/say it 5 or 10 years later.  The trick is to bring that perspective into ~this~ moment.

When things start to go sideways, look for the seed of equivalent or greater good.  “What’s the Best that could happen?”

If you need help ‘adapting to your environment’ and/or rolling with it…we can help.  With Hands-on Chiropractic and/or Health Coaching.  Call us today at 706-342-7115


PS  I’m typing this on my phone at the Honda place… not sure how the formatting will turn out.  But I AM  sure that if we meet in person we will do our best to help you reach your health goals


Our Flat Tire rescue at Waffle House

Our Flat Tire rescue at Waffle House

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  1. Jeff says
    Jan 31, 2017 at 9:40 PM

    You do know it is possible to eat at Waffle House in such a way as to not induce tummy stress? As opposed to the outlay we all saw on the FB picture :-) But yeah, roll with it, baby.

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